Container & Cargo Heating Solutions

TransHeat by DIRAC Industries offers two different types of heating systems for moving tank containers or trailers filled with liquid that needs to remain at a certain temperature or has to be heated up during or after transportation. Both solutions are covered with insulation to limit the heat losses and to protect people touching the container unit.


These are flexible heating mats (KRLA) that are designed for temperature maintenance or heating of tanks or tank containers, installed under insulation. The Teflon insulated heating wire is sandwiched between 2 layers of waterproof silicone embedded fiberglass and the adhesive will only become active when the heater is energized for the first time, allowing you to easily reposition the mat during installation.

Our system is especially designed to allow a very quick and simple installation, thus reducing labor hours and limiting the period of inactivity of the container.

The heating mats are shock- and waterproof and have a lifespan of minimum 10 years.

Heating jacket designed to fit around the discharge valve


For temperature maintenance or heating of tanks or tankcontainers, 2 types of serial constant power cable (SFM or SMHi) can be installed.


There is of course more to a tankcontainer than just the reservoir. Other parts like the discharge tube, discharge valve and spill tray need heating up as well. For these parts as well, we offer specific heating elements.

And all these heating systems have to be controlled and regulated of course to assure a perfect and save heating process.